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About The Little Schoolhouse on Maine

At The Little Schoolhouse on Maine, we want your little one to have the best day every day! The transition from home into school age is a delicate time. Allow us to show you why families across Brunswick and Cumberland County, ME, have chosen our daycare services for years. In addition to structured learning programs, play is at the heart of our curriculum. We encourage independent exploration to help our students develop their social skills as well as academics.

Our Philosophy

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The Little Schoolhouse on Maine believes that children learn best through play and hands-on experiences. Through play, children learn social skills, become active, creative explorers in their environment, and build self-confidence and self-esteem. At The Little Schoolhouse on Maine, we support children’s learning and growth through daily interactions with peers, caregivers, and age-appropriate materials. We believe that the learning environment is the ‘third teacher.’

We believe that teachers guide your child’s development and nurture each child’s growth and education. Teachers are positive role models for your child, encouraging independence, self-esteem, and cooperation. Daily conversations with children spark new learning experiences that allow children to become directors of their own learning.

We believe that parents and guardians are the most important teachers of their children. Communication between families and teachers helps foster a positive learning experience for your child. We believe that creating a stimulating, accepting environment helps establish collaborative relationships with family.

We believe that using positive guidance techniques works best for children. Children are encouraged to be self-regulators of their behavior. Teachers help children to achieve this goal by encouraging self-direction, self-control, and self-esteem. We believe that positive role modeling and age-appropriate materials help children express themselves during conflict.

The Little Schoolhouse on Maine believes in providing the highest quality developmental care for each child in a caring, secure, and stimulating environment.

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