Welcome to The Little Schoolhouse on Maine!

Our goal is to support the positive growth and development of young children and their families through carefully structured lessons and exploratory play time. Our loving and attentive staff will support the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive well being of each child in our care. Our carefully planned space features three large classrooms specifically designed for infant, toddler and preschool classes. Children are encouraged to explore, learn, and grow through hands on experiences that meet the developmental needs of each age group.

Our indoor studio allows children to experience gross motor play through creative movement, dance, and tumbling. It also provides a space for our school age children to play and socialize. The school's kitchen is used as a place to learn and grow as children are taught to care about the food they eat and how it helps them build strong, healthy bodies.

Outdoor spaces feature areas specifically tailored to each age group and each allows children to explore in ways that would most benefit them. Having a chance to play outside is just as important as traditional time inside the classroom; children learn to interpret rich sensory signals, how to use their body for running, jumping and climbing and to respect themselves and the world around them. We also have a vegetable garden, fairy garden, and zen garden. Whether we are inside or out, the children in our care will be provided with appropriately structured activities to promote continual growth and wellness.

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The Little Schoolhouse on Maine believes that children learn best through play and hands on experiences. Through play, children learn social skills, become active, creative explorers in their environment and build self-confidence and self-esteem. At The Little Schoolhouse on Maine, we support children's learning and growth through daily interactions with peers, caregivers and age appropriate materials. We believe that the learning environment is the “third teacher.” We believe that teachers guide your child's development and nurture each child's growth and education. Teachers are positive role models for your child, encouraging independence, self-esteem and cooperation. Daily conversations with children spark new learning experiences that allow children to become directors of their own learning.

We believe that parents and guardians are the most important teachers of their children. Communication between families and teachers helps foster a positive learning experience for your child. We believe that creating a stimulating, accepting and nurturing environment helps establish collaborative relationships with family.

We believe that using positive guidance techniques works best for children. Children are encouraged to be self-regulators of their behavior. Teachers help children to achieve this goal by encouraging self-direction, self-control and self-esteem. We believe that positive role modeling and age appropriate materials help children express themselves during conflict.

Little Schoolhouse on Maine believes in providing the highest quality developmental care for each child in a caring, secure and stimulating environment. We hope that through our curriculum, children will develop a love for learning and remain active learners their entire lives.

Programs & Classes

Little Gourmet Chef Cooking Academy

Our age appropriate cooking classes are incorporated into the curriculum of the toddler and preschool rooms and offered to our after school kids. Classes teach age appropriate kitchen basics as well as inspire kids to care about safety and nutrition.
Our cooking classes help children:
• build self-confidence, self-esteem and patience.
• increase socialization skills and fine motor skills.
• increase math, vocabulary, and early literacy skills.
• increase knowledge of science and nutrition.
• learn to try new foods from around the world and learn about different cultures.
• express their creativity in a fun environment.

Little Dance Classes

The Little Schoolhouse on Maine is proud to offer dance classes taught by Dorena Martin, owner of Dorena's Dance in Bath. Weekly classes are taught to children in our care ages two and up. Classes are 20 minutes long and are offered in the mornings for toddlers and preschoolers and after school for school children. Classes run from October through June and culminate in a recital to show off your shinning star's hard work.

Children can take ballet, tap, jazz, or tumble through us. Classes are $8 per class with a recital costume fee that is to be determined in January. The dance class schedule is made available in late summer for parents to review.

Youth Yoga Classes

In addition to cooking and dance, we also partner with Maine Yoga Kids to offer youth yoga for your children. The classes are designed to get kids to tap into their body with structured movements and stretches. Youth yoga is all about learning respect for one's own body while increasing self confidence. To learn more about these programs check out Maine Yoga Kids

Youth Martial Arts

Partnering with The Riverview Foundation, we offer two beginner martial arts programs for children. The Tiger Tots is designed for kids,18 months to 3 years old, and their parents. The Tiger Tots program will be a fun adventure based in martial arts practices and is a wonderful tool to increase fun social interaction with other kids and parents. The Lil' Dragons, for ages 3 through 5, is all about growing self-esteem through focused physical activity. Both of these programs are wonderful ways to introduce children too more physically driven activities in a safe, fun, and exciting way. To learn more check out The Riverview Foundation



Our infant program is designed to provide a warm and welcoming environment where babies can grow and thrive. Our caregivers are nurturing and create a caring, healthy and safe environment where each baby feels loved and secure. Caregivers support each child's needs and milestones as they transition from the sensory motor stage of infancy to the self-directed, sociable stage of toddlerhood.

The infant environment is designed to enhance their sensory experience and development through varied textures, sounds, sights and sensations. They will discover and develop their emerging motor skills with soft materials that encourage them to pull up, crawl and eventually take baby steps. Singing, finger plays, reading, smiles, and tons of hugs will help them learn to express themselves and develop social skills.


Our toddler room is designed for all stages of toddler-hood as they leave the stage of dependency and move towards independence. As with the other rooms, our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing and supportive environment where children can reach their full potential.

Hands on experiences in and out of the classroom with focus on the process, not the end result. We will have planned large and small group activities, active and quiet time, and indoor and outdoor play in order to meet he needs of each child as well as of the class as a whole. The room is set up for children to choose from various learning centers, including art, music, dramatic play, sand and water, blocks, literature, science and nature. Teachers encourage growing independence by helping to encourage toddlers to develop self help skills like cleaning in the classroom, cleaning up after meals, hand washing, and potty training. Our goal is to help each toddler gain confidence in their new skills.


Preschoolers learn by exploring the environment in which they live. They are learning by asking questions, taking things apart and figuring out how to put them back together, they are making predictions and most of all they are using their imaginations. Teachers at The Little Schoolhouse on Maine are mindful to help foster this exploration while also fostering independence by placing appropriate materials within reach of the children. Additionally, equipment, materials, and activities are frequently rotated to reflect new interests and continually expose the children to new topics and ideas.

Play allows children to make lasting connections that lead to a deeper understanding and the ability to make ideas and concepts their own. That is why we use a play based curriculum rather than rote style learning. Our curriculum will help children derive meaning from their environment for their entire lives. When they pretend to be an astronaut, they aren't just playing—they are learning about space, counting stars, making self portraits of themselves on the moon, having moon shoe races and working cooperatively with their peers to build a space shuttle out of a box. Guided play helps to support their physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth.

School Age

Our school age discovery club is designed for children ages five and up. We recognize children are coming to us after a long day at school, and our program is designed around their increasing interests in areas like sports, dance, cooking, music and art.

Before school care will start your child's day off right with a relaxed environment where children can enjoy a nutritious snack, play games, do puzzles or use their imaginations with a wide variety of age appropriate materials.

After school care provides a supportive place where children can relax with music, socialize or do homework. Sports, art, cooking and dance activities are all available and allow children to have down time while also learning something new.

Our school age program continues throughout the year with theme based camps and field trips over school breaks. Your children can enjoy discovery that is designed just for them and you can have peace of mind knowing your child is safe learning and having fun!



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If you have questions for us or would like to set up a tour, give us a call at 207-725-8877 or fill out the information on this page, and someone will get in contact with you as soon as possible.